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juicy refill tape

16 song tape - juicy release on side a, refill release on side b.
cover-artwork by GutsArt
concepted by direct juice
taped and released by Zehnagel Records in march 2021

6 euros

refill 7''

8 song vinyl recorded during july 2018 and november 2019.
produced @ juicy labs
mixed & mastered by Rafael Cohen @ raf recording
artworked by Charlotte Jostes
vinyled by Arne @ dorf punk gang
released in may 2020

7 euros

juicy tape

8 song tape recorded during december 2015 and january 2016. comes in a fancy case created from cleared juice boxes.
analog recorded @ juicy labs
edited by alex richter
diy released

6 euros

'juicewashed' shirts

artwork drawn by guts art in 2016
screenprint on 100% cotton

girlie cut (gildan heavy cotton) available in M, L, XL

10-12 euros

unisex cut (gildan ultra cotton) available in
natural & L, XL, XXL
yellow & L, XL

10-12 euros

longsleeve (gildan ultra cotton) available in L, XL

15 euros